Turnkey Construction

Looking to develop property to sell to a wider populace? Here at K&K Builders, we will be more than happy to develop properties to fit a wide range of tastes and home needs from the basement upwards – allowing you to approach young and growing families with homes that not only look fantastic, but also offer the maximum in practicality.  We will happily work with any existing blueprints or design ideas you may have – and our turnkey construction service will ensure that you have a development or property that will stun and surprise prospective buyers as soon as it hits the market.


Arranging to build several homes or buildings in one fell swoop can be difficult  but with our development services, you can turn your prospective new architecture project into a series of dream dwellings without any of the hassle. Taking into account cost, practicality and your own needs and design preferences, let us take the reins on bringing your project to life one step at a time.Our experts have all the know-how and the best tools available to raise developments to life  come and have a chat with us and we will show you what we can do for your ideal project!

Project Feasibility

Part of our expertise and project management services surround the analysis of whether or not a potential project can be considered feasible and fit for purpose. This can come in alongside cost analysis  it is all part of making sure that your dream development or building project can be brought to life in the way that you need it to. Therefore  why not let us take a look at your project feasibility? We will be able to look at a site, your prospective designs and analyse your exact needs and requirements in thorough detail  ensuring that you’re never left disappointed when it comes to construction day.

Project Cost Analysis

Anyone developing a project of this nature will need to know how much they are expecting to spend overall  it just makes sense! Therefore, our cost analysis service will take into account any and all factors that come into play with regard to projects that you are hoping to develop  meaning that before we even start work for you, we will be able to deliver you a dependable and reasonable quote based on materials, labour, time required and everything in between. There is little reason why you should march into a project without having your budget planned beforehand!

Project Management

Every stage of a building project  whether we are overseeing a major development or a complete build from the basement upwards  requires thorough and comprehensive project management. This means discussing with you any and all of the areas where you would like us to take control whether you need our support with the design process right through to final building, or if you'd like to weigh in on a number of options and choices that may pop up along the way, our project management service is flexible and also completely autonomous upon your request meaning that, if you need us to, well manage every aspect for you.

Value Engineering

Much of the work we undertake doesn't just focus on making sure that projects and designs are brought to life  it also surrounds focusing on improving value for the end user or for the market set to benefit. Value engineering focuses on making sure that each and every facet of a project or development holds some beneficial value financial or otherwise for the end user. This means that we undertake stringent analysis of each and every part of a project with regard to its potential value before getting started so that such value can be translated into the final product.


Reliable buildings and reliable developments need solid frameworks and construction to be able to stand the test of time  and when it comes to making sure that our buildings stand up and look great, you can depend on our experts in joinery to translate everything across into fittings that weather the years. Joinery is essential for effective architectural consultation  and here at K&K Builders, we have the know-how, the tools and the focus to make sure that all of our projects come to life in practical and aesthetically stunning ways. Always, of course, with your initial design requirements in mind!